Wednesday, 28 February 2018  |  Holiday Inn M6, Coventry

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Workshop Sponsor

CognAssist is an innovative solution developed to enable apprenticeship and work-based learning providers to identify, support and fund learners with additional learning needs.

Our aim at CognAssist is to make the world a more inclusive place by identifying and supporting neurodiverse learners with innovative coping strategies.

We developed CognAssist in partnership with leading Neuropsychologists Dr Welch and Dr Skilbeck, Educational Psychologist Dr Wilkinson and neurodiversity expert Louise Karwowski. It is the sector’s most sophisticated digital assessment tool, identifying neurodiversity in under just 30 minutes.

By identifying and supporting neurodiversity, we will ensure that neurodiverse apprentices have the opportunity to achieve the same success as their peers.

visit: call: 0330 124 3779