Friday, 29 March 2019 | The ICC, Birmingham



Part of the new suite of AELP National Conferences 2019, the Spring Conference takes place on the day that the UK is scheduled to leave the European Union.

Many EU migrants have already left our shores and this is leading to significant recruitment challenges in key sectors such as hospitality and social care. Employers want people with the right skills to fill the current record number of vacancies and here our government-supported training programmes have a vital contribution to make.

Sponsored by NCFE, the event repeats the successful format of last year when apart from a brief introduction and general policy update by Mark Dawe to welcome delegates, it will offer a series of workshops across one day to enable providers to drill down into subjects to enable more effective and high quality delivery.

Workshops will naturally cover the current challenges under the apprenticeship reforms, including the RoATP refresh, the transition to standards, off-the-job training, EPA and employer expectations. Ofsted’s new inspection framework will also be covered while providers can learn how to be properly prepared for the inspectors when they come calling. Inspectors expect to see good governance and one workshop will build on the support that AELP has been offering in this area since last summer. We believe that taking advantage of technological advances should never be off the learning agenda and one of AELP’s market leading members in this regard will facilitate a workshop on the subject.

The devolving of a major skills programme to the English regions is now a reality with the tender process for the Adult Education Budget across some Combined Authorities well advanced. The elected mayors are regularly making new announcements and one workshop will offer a full devolution update.

20 workshops mean that there will be something for everyone, so we’re confident that a trip to the attractive surroundings of the ICC venue in Birmingham will be one worth making.